August 19, 2010

MRQE Rewind: Best Nanny Movies

Seeing that one of our favorite nanny's, Nanny McPhee, has returned to make sure we made our beds and cleaned our rooms, we decided that we'd better do our homework and make an excellent nanny list for the weekend. While many on list scared the hell out of us, we were amazed with how diverse the movies were. Thrillers, musicals, and even horror top our list of the greatest nanny movies of all time. Check out the list and see if your favorite has made the cut.....but only after you do your chores!

Below we highlight the Top 5, but click on over to MRQE to see the full list!

5. The Unknown Woman (2006)
MRQE Metric: 70

Irena, a Ukrainian prostitute on the run, works herself in a upper class family in this Italian thriller. This film exploded on the screen in 2006, placing the spotlight on the harsh, sometimes ignored, problem of human trafficking and violence against women. An enigmatic psychological thriller and quite the hell of a ride, La Sconoscita, or The Other Woman, proves that your nanny may have had more going on in her life than you think...

4. The Flight of the Red Balloon (2008)
MRQE Metric: 70

Song, a Taiwanese film student, is hired by Suzanne to care for her son. Suzanne is failing in health and needs assistance in keeping up with her energetic growing boy. The new addition to their family causing the characters to flourish as a unique extended family is formed, utterly interdependent yet lost in separate thoughts and dreams and mirrored by a delicate, shiny balloon.

3. The Omen (1976)
MRQE Metric: 73

Damien! The seed of the devil, marked with the infamous 666, shows his wicked ways in this 1976 film that has left its mark as one of the greatest horror films of all time. Gregory Peck is in rare form as an American diplomat who slowly begins to realize that his son my be the Antichrist. Accidents keep happening around Damien and, using the mysterious power of childhood and innocence, director Richard Donner plays with the audience to it's climatic conclusion. A not to be missed horror films that seems to never show its age.

2. Mary Poppins (1964)
MRQE Metric: 85

One of the greatest Disney films of all time, Mary Poppins lands at number 2 on our nanny list. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dick dance through catchy musical numbers such as "Step in Time," "Spoonful of Sugar" and, of course, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". Recently made into a hit Broadway play, Mary Poppins proves to be a timeless tale of how a nanny could change a household for the better. In 2001 a sing-along edition of the film was released to great acclaim.

1. The Sound of Music (1965)
MRQE Metric: 86

The hills are alive again with the number one movie on our nanny list, The Sound of Music. Julie Andrews again, takes the role of nanny, this time as a former nun that opens the children to the wonders of life and the joy of music. Set against the backdrop of World War II, The Sound of Music proves compelling and socially relevant while bringing some of the most icon songs in film to the screen. Arguably one of the greatest musicals in film history, The Sound of Music is a must watch for any movie lover.

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