August 27, 2010

MRQE Critic Roundup: Fri., Aug. 27

Heading to the theater this weekend? Get caught up with what the critics have to say about this week's new releases.

The Last Exorcism
MRQE Metric: 64

As EW's review says, "Any movie with the word exorcism in the title is inviting you to compare it to a movie that a great many people consider the scariest horror film ever made." And, that's exactly what The Last Exorcism is up against. The film tells the story of a priest who documents his final exorcism, while exposing corruption within his ministry. Being presented as "lost footage," the film hopes to find the same chills that movies like The Blair Witch Project achieved with great success.

MRQE Metric: 52

Matt Dillon, as a hard-nose detective, takes on an ensemble cast of bank robbers, including Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Chris Brown, Tip "T.I." Harris, and Hayden Christensen in this heist action flick. With its slick pacing and hip cast, comparisons can be made to Ocean's Eleven, but critics warn the flick might be too stylized for its own good.

MRQE Metric: 56

British film, Centurion, comes State-side in limited release. Set in A.D. 117, in the thick of the Roman Empire, the film tells the story of the Romans' battle to capture the Scottish Highlands from the Picts. Critics warn this action-packed, bloody adventure speeds too quickly through characters and borrows too heavily from similar themed movies.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct
MRQE Metric: 75

The first of the two part saga about French gangster, Jacques Mesrine. Killer Instinct, based on Mesrine's autobiography, documents the rise of the notorious gangster, played by Vincent Cassel, as a soldier who returns home and gets seduced by the easy money of Paris in the 1960s. The second part, Public Enemy No. 1, comes to theaters next week. Critics praise Cassel's performance, but warn the story might be best seen as a whole.

Avatar: Special Edition
MRQE Metric: 77

James Cameron's 3-D box office juggernaut comes back to theaters with 9 minutes of additional footage. The movie grossed a whopping $750 million during its initial run in the U.S. and Canada, sold 19 million DVDs since it hit the video market in April, and continues to sell millions more in downloads and rentals. Cameron believes there are still people out there who have yet to see it the way it was meant to be seen. Avatar will only be re-released to theaters that can project digital 3-D.

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