September 13, 2010

Box Office Wrap-Up: RESIDENT EVIL slashes to Number 1, TAKERS overtakes THE AMERICAN

Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth movie in the popular franchise, and lone wide release that opened this weekend, slashed its way to the number one slot. The American fell to Number 3, as Takers claimed the Number 2 slot. Machete also fell, while Going the Distance held strong in its second week in spite of low returns.

Video game adaptation, Resident Evil: Afterlife, devoured all competition, taking in $27.7 million, becoming the seventh highest-grossing September opener of all time. The opening also marked the highest opening gross yet for the franchise. However, according to Box Office Mojo, this could be attributed more to ticket price inflation, and the higher premium for 3D tickets, rather than the movie's overall popularity. Nevertheless, the allure of 3D certainly helped bring in those that were already fans of the first three movies.

Takers nabbed $6.1 million in its third week ($48.1 million overall), which allowed the heist movie to claim the second slot. The movie overtook, The American, which fell 55% in its second week, taking in $5.9 million. While this drop might seem steep, a similar plunge happened to The Men Who Stare at Goats, a George Clooney thriller from last year.

Machete also fell from last week, landing in the fourth slot, at $4.2 million. Going the Distance held strong in its second week, even if it only took in $3.8 million (a total gross of $14 million, so far).

Weekend Top Ten:
  1. Resident Evil: Afterlife - $27.7M
  2. Takers - $6.1M
  3. The American - $5.9M
  4. Machete - $4.2M
  5. Going the Distance - $3.8M
  6. The Other Guys - $3.6M
  7. The Last Exorcism - $3.5M
  8. The Expendables - $3.3M
  9. Inception - $3M
  10. Eat Pray Love - $2.9M


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