September 3, 2010

Fun Movie Articles for Labor Day

For us Americans, Labor Day is a well-received extended weekend where we enjoy some last minute fun before the end of summer. In the spirit of having some free time, we compiled some of our favorite movie-related articles from around the web. These made us smile, so hopefully you'll find some enjoyment with them as well. Leave your favorite articles in the comments below and have a happy Labor Day weekend! Explores Deleted Scenes
The team at Cracked is full of movie geeks, and their geekiness led them to pouring into deleted scenes, the staple DVD bonus feature. For most films, there's a reason why certain scenes end on the cutting room floor. But in this article, writer David A. Vindiola finds some scenes that, well, totally deserved making it to the final cut! Why? Because each of these scenes explained gapping plot holes. Cracked does warn, though, that this article contains huge spoilers, so read with caution.

Cinematical Looks at "Last Job Flicks"
While we took the time to explore assassin movies with the release of George Clooney's The American, movie blog Cinematical, looked at the more overarching theme of working the last job before receiving that golden watch. While this list doesn't include our favorites, the Lethal Weapon series or Falling Down, it does list some more recent hits, like Inception.

Flavorwire gives girls advice about the workforce, by way of "chick flicks"
Taking what they learned, not only from their own past, but also from a few classic and modern rom-coms and love stories, Flavorwire gives some practical advice to those newly college grads who are now entering the workforce.

Moviefone looks at movie plots that would have been ruined by Facebook
Some movie plots could have been solved within a matter of seconds, if characters only used a bit of existing technology. With over 500 million people now claiming Facebook as their online home away from home, Moviefone wonders how certain movies would have turned out differently if this massive social network existed prior to 2005.

Nic Cage as Everyone
Sure, Nic Cage is a versatile actor, but is he that versatile that he could really play everyone? This humorous blog thinks so. Our favorite? Nic Cage as The Village People.


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