October 31, 2010

WTF of the Week: 80's Metal Musical Starring Who?

Will Tom Cruise flip bottles again like he did here
in this famous scene from 1988's Cocktail?
New Line Cinema, eager to cash in on the cinematic musical craze, is developing a filmed adaptation of the Broadway jukebox musical Rock of Ages. The plot of the musical is pretty slim for a full-fledged movie, but I'm guessing that New Line is more concerned with dollar signs and selling the soundtrack than worrying about a well-written plot arc.

The news that sends this into the WTF stratosphere is the casting search. You'd think that New Line would be trawling for pop stars and the cast of Glee, or at least stars who have previously demonstrated their ability to carry a tune. That seems to make too much sense, as the studio is excitedly attempting to court none other than Tom Cruise for the lead. That's right, Cruise is apparently the logical choice to be filmed singing 80's hair band ballads. I'll give some credit to New Line, as this project suddenly sounds pretty intriguing, if only to wait for the inevitable awkward press junkets.

Cruise would be playing a rock and roll bartender (because everyone was clamoring for a reprise of his role in Cocktail, I guess). No word yet on whether he'll be doing any jumping on sofas while singing "We're Not Gonna Take It."

Source: Deadline


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