November 2, 2010

New on DVD and Blu-Ray: Toy Story 3, Centurion, The Sound of Music, The Bridge on the River Kwai

This week on DVD and Blu-Ray, the latest installment of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story series hits the shelves. Slash and burn with Neil Marshall's swords and sandals thriller Centurion. Go classic this week with singalong classic The Sound of Music or The Bridge on the River Kwai's portrait of strife during wartime.

MRQE Pick of the Week: Toy Story 3
MRQE Metric: 90
Toy Story 3 (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)One of the top rated movies of the year, this latest outing for Buzz, Woody and the rest of the gang is coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray just in time for the start of holiday shopping. The last in the series sees the toys ending up in a daycare center when their beloved Andy gets ready to leave his childhood behind and head off for college. Soon, however, the sinister underbelly of the center comes to light, and the toys struggle between trapping themselves in the past or finding a new future. Heavy stuff for a kids' flick, but Pixar's flair for juggling family entertainment and serious emotional exploration goes off without a hitch here. Disney's pulling out all the stops for this week's release. Not only are they releasing two regular editions, a now-standard Blu-Ray and a DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack, but there's also the Toy Story Trilogy, a massive ten disk set with all three films, more extras than you can shake a Slinky at, and a toy chest collector's box to stash it all in. This set's due to be under a lot of Pixar fans' trees this holiday season (I sure hope it's under mine).


MRQE Pick: Centurion
MRQE Metric: 55
Centurion [Blu-ray] (Limited Edition + Digital Copy)Genre director Neil Marshall helms this uneven historical thriller set in early Scotland. Way early, in fact: it's 117 A.D. and the Roman empire has a stranglehold on the land. When the island's inhabitants start to fight back with murderous guerilla tactics, a lone Roman legion is caught off guard and decimated. The few survivors of the massacre must trek through unfriendly territory in a desperate bid for safety, beset by the treacherous Picts at every opportunity.


MRQE Pick: The Sound of Music
MRQE Metric: 86

The Sound of Music (45th Anniversary Edition) (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging)In the midst of occupied Austria, wayward but still wholesome nun Maria (the ever radiant Julie Andrews) is sent to care for a bristly Captain's raucous children. Not much more to say on this one - you either love it or you agree with star Christopher Plummer, who after the fact dubbed it "The Sound of Mucus". If you can't get enough of this perennial classic, then be sure to pick up its brand spanking new Blu-Ray collector's edition release.


MRQE Pick: The Bridge on the River Kwai
MRQE Metric: 92
The Bridge on the River Kwai [Blu-ray]This war classic is a blistering look at British POWs who are forced to collaborate with their Japanese captors, and the psychological ramifications that result. Screen luminaries such as Alec Guinness and William Holden add fantastic performances to the film that swept up at the Oscars. Perfect for World War II buffs, grandads, or any lover of cinema, British or otherwise.


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