November 14, 2010

WTF of the Week: Playing Around With What?

Rihanna will make her big screen
debut in 2012's Battleship
In the category of “you can't make this stuff up, people”: as Hollywood continues to strip-mine established intellectual properties in the hopes of creating the next blockbuster franchise, the choice of source material is starting to get a little wacky.

The rights to several board games such as Battleship, Candy Land and Monopoly have recently been snatched up. Battleship is currently filming with stars Rihanna and Taylor Kitsch, and even the Ouija Board is being developed into a film. But the board game movie trend has definitely reached its strangest this week with the announcement that a Rubik's Cube movie is in the works.

At least most of the previous purchases have made some sort of sense: games like Candy Land have a mythology and plot behind them already, and even the Ouija Board can easily be made into your standard ghost flick. But Rubik's Cube? Might as well cook up Hopscotch: The Movie next.

Source: Empire Online

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