January 26, 2011

A 2001 Monolith Action Figure? Why Not!

This came across our radar from GeekChickDaily

Kubrick's 1968 sci-fi classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey, had it's fair share of associated toys and model kits, but how did they miss something so simple? Where MGM merchandising failed, ThinkGeek rose to it's feet, like the apes in the beginning of the film, selling the one item that's been left off the shelves for nearly 43 years: the Monolith!

Forget Batman and Iron Man action figures, this should be the toy that every kid wants. And, think of all the practical benefits: no bendable (and breakable) appendages, no pull strings that can choke your cat, and forget about worrying if your little sister will cut its hair. Just one black hunk of plastic--it's so simple, that we're kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first!

ThinkGeek is selling the Monolith for $12.99, and their product features list other benefits, but they do boast this warning: "May cause strange magnetic fields, action figure evolution, seeing things filled with stars, and/or more (or it might just sit on your desk doing nothing)." Buyer beware!

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