January 31, 2011

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up: Fans Make the Money

Anthony Hopkins in The Rite.
An interesting weekend at the box office, as many award winners drop from their reigning spots. Though, aside from critic-acclaim, the fans are really the ones bringing the numbers in for the big Hollywood actors across the big screen. All the top films have a big star, with a big fan base, which is probably the only reason any money is being made. The Rite, Anthony Hopkins’s newest exorcist-based film, took the top spot, making $15 million.

Aside from failed critic reviews, The Rite is likely bringing in audiences due to Hopkins’s golden acting skills, and his ability to truly horrify audience members. Though, our MRQE metric does not lie, ranking the film with only 45 points from the critics--this certainly is no Hopkins classic, and will quickly fall out of the top spot.

In the opposite corner is The King's Speech, which had a regal weekend both at the box office as well as on the red carpet. The film claimed the top honors at last night's Screen Actor's Guild Awards. Its star Colin Firth, won the Best Actor award, and the entire cast took home the Best Ensemble Cast award. Director, Tom Hooper, also took home the Best Director award at the Director's Guild Awards. On top of the honors, the stately film made $11.1 million at the box office, claiming the fifth slot, and bringing it's total gross to $72.2 million. All its honors continue to prove why this is one of the best pictures of 2011, and a sure bet for the top prizes at the upcoming Academy Awards.

Natalie Portman and Aston Kutcher’s not-so-romantic romantic comedy, No Strings Attached, dropped to second place with a $13.6 million weekend. Fans still seem to love seeing these two together, which is allowing the cash boxes to still flow. The Mechanic took the third spot with $11.5 million in sales. Jason Statham seems to attract audiences in three ways: his smooth British tongue, his cut body, and his realistic action skills.

Following up in fourth was actioner The Green Hornet. Seth Rogan--truth be told--is becoming an extremely successful movie star. He is developing a die-hard fan base that's continuing to rank his films in the top ten. Rogan & Co. grossed a slick $11.5 million this weekend, and the figures continue to rise.

Best Picture nominee, True Grit, just missed the Top Five, earning only $7.6 million. The Dilemma, a film shockingly still in the top ten made $5.5 million. Black Swan, the newest Portman cult classic (let’s just wait for Halloween kids), followed up with $5.1 million. The Fighter nabbed a cool $4.1 million, with audiences excited to see Christian Bale's critically praised performance. Bale took home a SAG award last night, and already claimed a Golden Globe earlier in the award season for Best Supporting Actor. Coming out last was Yogi Bear with $3.2 million, proving that a child could still persuade their parents to drag them to Warner Brother’s latest animation.

Next weekend, fans will be in for two big thrillers. The first is Leighton Meester’s The Roommate, which is far off from her role in Gossip Girl. Fans on a different level can check out the James Cameron-produced 3D Sanctum, an action/adventure, suspense/thriller about underwater caves and the element of entrapment. Maybe next weekend will be more shocking than this.

Box Office Top Ten (Fri, Jan. 28 - Sun, Jan. 30)

  1. The Rite (MRQE Metric: 46) - $15 million
  2. No Strings Attached (MRQE Metric: 52) - $13.7 million
  3. The Mechanic (MRQE Metric: 57) - $11.5 million
  4. The Green Hornet (MRQE Metric: 53) - $11.5 million
  5. The King's Speech (MRQE Metric: 85) - $11.1 million
  6. True Grit (MRQE Metric: 83) - $7.6 million
  7. The Dilemma (MRQE Metric: 40) - $5.5 million
  8. Black Swan (MRQE Metric: 80) - $5.1 million
  9. The Fighter (MRQE Metric: 76) - $4.1 million
  10. Yogi Bear (MRQE Metric: 44) - $3.2 million

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