January 24, 2011

Box Office Weekend Wrap-Up: Portman Part Two

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman in No Strings Attached.
After the huge success of Black Swan, which is still raking in money at the box office, Natalie Portman’s newest role, along side co-star Aston Kutcher in No Strings Attached, made a cool $20.3 million this cold winter weekend. Not a bad span for the Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee.

Making another powerful impact this weekend was The Green Hornet. Seth Rogan is still killing villains and making millions by doing it. Grossing just over $18 million, The Green Hornet has now totaled $63.4 million on a $120 million budget. Unlike No Strings Attached, which had a humble budget of $25 million and has almost surpassed their expenses this weekend along, The Green Hornet may continue to sting and potentially bypass their budget in the following weeks.

The Dilemma, making just under $10 million, is surprisingly holding the number three spot. Audiences seem to be looking for another laugh-out-loud film that doesn’t have the dry and out-dated humor of something like Little Fockers.

The King’s Speech, one of our favorite films of the year here at MRQE, reigns at the fourth slot, with $9.2 million, totaling almost $59 million in sales. Colin Firth’s exceptional portrayal of King George XI, has won him a Golden Globe for Best Actor. The film has now surpassed its competition, The Queen, which grossed only $56.4 million.

Still having a powerful allure to audiences nationwide is True Grit. The Coen Brother’s film, which is supported by a strong cast of Josh Brolin, Matt Damon, and Jeff Bridges made $8 million this weekend, totaling $138.6 million in its box office span. True Grit remains as one of the highest grossing films in the box office right now.

Though, Black Swan made just over $6 million this weekend, creating an $83 million dollar total. It is quite surprising that Portman’s big win at the Golden Globes for Best Actress in her role, as the "swan queen" is not bringing in more audiences than expected. However, it's equally surprising that Portman follow up such a noteworthy film with a mediocre romantic comedy. Was it bad timing on behalf of her agent or a case of misjudgment?

The Fighter and Yogi Bear both made just over $4 million dollars this weekend. Its uncertain if either of these films will last any longer on the big screen. Let’s just hope that Mark Wahlberg's and Christian Bale’s next roles are as inspiring as “Irish” Mickey Ward and brother Dickey Eklund.

Finally still barely making an impact at the box offices is TRON: Legacy. This film is probably going to slip out of the top ten next week with anticipation of Jason Statham's The Mechanic and Anthony Hopkins' The Rite.

Box Office Top Ten (Fri., Jan. 21 - Sun., Jan. 23):
  1. No Strings Attached (MRQE Metric: 51) - $20.3 million
  2. The Green Hornet (MRQE Metric: 51) - $18.1 million
  3. The Dilemma (MRQE Metric: 39) - $9.7 million
  4. The King's Speech (MRQE Metric: 85) - $9.2 million
  5. True Grit (MRQE Metric: 83) - $8 million
  6. Black Swan (MRQE Metric: 80) - $6.2 million
  7. The Fighter (MRQE Metric: 75) - $4.5 million
  8. Little Fockers (MRQE Metric: 32) - $4.4 million
  9. Yogi Bear (MRQE Metric: 44) - $4.1 million
  10. TRON: Legacy (MRQE Metric: 57) - $3.7 million

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