January 17, 2011

Box Office Wrap-Up: The Sting has Stung!

Seth Rogen and Jay Chou in The Green Hornet.
The highly-anticipated, The Green Hornet, delivered a powerful sting at box offices across the country, over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Bringing in over $34 million in sales, The Green Hornet--while not doing much for the critics (MRQE Metric: 50)--did impress audiences with its new, modern-day action hero motion picture.

Seth Rogan, the plump funny guy, transformed flawlessly into his role as brawny action-figure, producing a strong performance with sidekick Kato (played by Jay Chou). This dynamic duo had a sturdy on-screen relationship that made audiences believe they truly were trying to save the world, one villain at a time! Though, with a budget of over $100 million to produce, it will be interesting to see if the Hornet can continue to sting audiences around the country.

Also released this weekend was Ron Howard’s The Dilemma. And, unlike Hornet, Vince Vaughn’s newest film created only a small-ripple of buzz, and followed-up with only a small drone for Universal, grossing just over $17 million in revenue.

Coming out in third, with an $11 million weekend net, was True Grit. This true-to-story Western follow-up on the Coen Brother’s resume has now generated a total of almost $130 million. Going strong and continuing to attract audiences, True Grit is going to clench the big screen for many more weeks.

Season of the Witch made only $4 million, and it reigns true that Nic Cage can still (surprisingly) get audiences into the theater. Though, these audiences must be devoted fans. Being that Season of the Witch is not a very well done film (MRQE Metric: 35)--and with other more impressive titles in the box office--Cage is the only thing attracting audiences.

Still pulling in strong at the box office is The King’s Speech and Black Swan, both coming in with less than $10 million over a three-day period, but holding steady. The stars of each picture, Colin Firth and Natalie Portman, respectively, both walked away from the Golden Globes last night with an award in hand for their performances. This may continue to help The King’s Speech and Black Swan to generate solid revenues.

Though, one of the surprising wins this weekend at the Golden Globes was for Paul Giamatti’s role in Barney’s Version, which opened this week in limited theaters. Giamatti won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. The film, however, did not even break into the top-ten studio sales for the M.L.K. weekend, so maybe Giamatti’s win will help produce a more concrete revenue next week.

Since films like The Rite, The Mechanic, and The Roommate are all coming out soon, something needs to startle the box office goers into this new-realm of low-budget, low-name films. Based on her win, Portman's Black Swan follow-up, the rom-com No Strings Attached (also staring Ashton Kutcher), will likely put a dent in the box office next week.

Box Office Top Ten:

  1. The Green Hornet (MRQE Metric: 50) - $34 million
  2. The Dilemma (MRQE Metric: 43) - $17.4 million
  3. True Grit (MRQE Metric: 83) - $11.2 million
  4. The King's Speech (MRQE Metric: 85) - $9.1 million
  5. Black Swan (MRQE Metric: 80) - $8.1 million
  6. Little Fockers (MRQE Metric: 32) - $7.1 million
  7. TRON: Legacy (MRQE Metric: 57) - $5.7 million
  8. Yogi Bear (MRQE Metric: 44) - $5.3 million
  9. The Fighter (MRQE Metric: 75) - $5.1 million
  10. Season of the Witch (MRQE Metric: 35) - $4.5 million

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