January 25, 2011

Watching online content on your TV with Veebeam

The Veebeam and its USB antennae.
At my house we use the web to discover and learn about online entertainment content that we want to watch (think: Netflix Instant and Hulu), but then we prefer to watch the content on our TVs. We have tried several different ways to get content from the web to our TVs; and, until now, the best way has been to directly connect our Mac Mini to our TV with HDMI cables. But, if you don’t have the spare cash lying around to buy another computer that lives attached to the TV (or lives off of your laptop)--and you don’t want to connect and reconnect every time you want to watch TV--a new piece of hardware called Veebeam provides a simple and quality solution.

The Veebeam connects to your TV via standard, or HDMI cables. A small USB antennae plugs into your laptop for when you want to watch on your TV. You install the Veebeam software on your laptop the first time you use the device, and then you are good to go!

The Veebeam broadcasts whatever you are watching on your computer to your TV using Wireless USB, not Wi-Fi. The company claims that the wireless USB offers many advantages over Wi-Fi including, "more bandwidth, better security and less interference over short distances."

The Veebeam picture is as good as whatever I am watching in my laptop, and the sound is also outputted through your TV.

Other uses could be for corporate conference rooms, when you have a monitor but not a permanently attached computer.

I will note the first Veebeam I got was a lemon and I needed to return it, and the product launch was delayed due to software issues, but hopefully the production bugs have been worked out. I am 100% happy with the device now .

The Veebeam is priced at $99 for Standard or $139 for HD. Available at Veebeam.com.

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