February 7, 2011

Box Office Wrap-Up: A thrilling, yet not-so-super weekend

Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly in The Roommate.
Thrillers reigned during the Super Bowl weekend, yet all the money seemed to be spent on wings and pizza for the big game. Regardless, the biggest films this weekend were two new releases both with a true thriller feel. The Roommate and Sanctum, both of far different story-lines and backdrops, kept audiences at the edge of their seats wondering what would happen next. Neither of these films were big budget productions or starring top actors, though, the numbers don’t lie; and together making almost $30 million over the weekend, while meager, it does prove that maybe these films could stay on top for a while.

First off, Leighton Meester brought in box office gold this weekend; grossing a chilling $15.6 million for her newest flick The Roommate. Pretty far off from her role in Gossip Girl, this physco-thriller is attracting not only Meester’s die-hard fan base, but also thriller fans as well.

Sanctum, another thriller--and director Alister Grierson’s latest endeavor--made just over $9 million, taking the second place spot. A true underwater adventure, Sanctum--based on co-writer Andrew Wight's true near-death experiences--answers the question, what would happen if you were stuck in an aquatic deep cave with no way out?

A great Hollywood gem this film season, Natalie Portman is still making the cash box click with her latest film No Strings Attached. At third place, the rom-com took in $8.4 million. Audiences love Portman's and Ashton Kutcher's flick for its witty comedic feel, as well as, friendship turned romantic trap. Portman now has three films in the box office including The Other Woman, which barely made a ripple in its weekend limited release, and Black Swan, an award season top pick.

Just edged out of third was The King's Speech, one of the best films out of 2010--and a sure Oscar bet--which brought in $8.3 million over the weekend. Colin Firth plays King George VI exceptionally well, and his supporting cast of Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter, truly illuminate the struggles this great king once had.

At fifth, is The Green Hornet, a big budget film of $120 million, which made only $6.1 million over the weekend. The Green Hornet is still making the green paper in the cash boxes, but will probably only last until another super-hero based film comes out.

Rounding out the Top Ten is Anthony Hopkins' thriller, The Rite, at $5.6 million. The Mechanic came in close behind with $5.4 million. Followed by true country-Western tale True Grit, with $4.8 million, which seems to hold some longevity. Comedy, The Dilemma, earned $3.4 million. At tenth is Black Swan, which, with $3.4 million over the weekend, has now been reigning in the box office for ten weeks.

Next weekend is the big release of teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber’s 3D rock-doc; Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. We are sure young girls (and boys) will be running to the theaters to see how their newest obsession made it to the top of billboard charts.

Box Office Top Ten (Feb. 4 - Feb. 6):
  1. The Roommate - MRQE Metric: 34 - $15.6 million
  2. Sanctum - MRQE Metric: 43 - $9.2 million
  3. No Strings Attached - MRQE Metric: 53 - $8.4 million
  4. The King's Speech - MRQE Metric: 86 - $8.3 million
  5. The Green Hornet - MRQE Metric: 53 - $6.1 million
  6. The Rite - MRQE Metric: 46 - $5.6 million
  7. The Mechanic - MRQE Metric: 55 - $5.4 million
  8. True Grit - MRQE Metric: 83 - $4.8 million
  9. The Dilemma - MRQE Metric: 39 - $3.4 million
  10. Black Swan - MRQE Metric: 80 - $3.4 million


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