March 13, 2011

WTF of the Week: An eclectic Hollywood equation.

Colin Firth has an interesting follow-up to his Oscar-winning
performance in The King's Speech.

So, let’s add this up: according to the Los Angeles Times, two Academy Award winners, an action-guru director and a screenwriter who starred in a breakout television series (pun intended as you’ll see). The Oscar winners are none other than Hollywood darling Nicole Kidman, who won the Best Actress Oscar for 2002’s The Hours, along with the star of 2010’s Academy magnet, The King’s Speech, Best Actor winner Colin Firth. The director is Chan-wook Park, whose claim to fame is the innovative martial arts revenge flick Oldboy. Filling perhaps the oddest portion of this equation is Wentworth Miller, the star of television’s Prison Break, and screenwriter of this little enigma.

The sum: Stoker.

In a not so subtle nod to author Bram Stoker, the film is a vampire tale with a love story and some family drama thrown in for good measure. Firth is in line to play the dashing uncle of Mia Wasikowska, an uncle with some bad nighttime habits. Kidman has been cast as Wasikowska’s mother, their surname is Stoker – hence the nod.

Now if all of this isn’t intriguing and bizarre enough, there’s the directing of Park to consider. He can absolutely capture the mood of a man with dark secrets and a vicious streak within – just look at Min-sik Choi’s performance in Oldboy. It’s going to be interesting to see how Park channel’s that energy into this decidedly different genre.

If nothing else, this is a team of professionals put together in what should be one of 2011’s better films.

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  1. I watched the movie yesterday and I loved the characters. I recommend seeing it.


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