March 26, 2011

WTF of the Week: Producers are giving money away.

Courtesy: Rouge
The directors of Skyline have another trailer project in the works.
Here’s an age old enigma for you to roll around in the old noggin, only with a Hollywood twist: instead of pondering the chicken and the egg, you can reflect on which came first – the trailer or the film?

Apparently the Strause brothers, Colin and Greg, have the answer. The fraternal filmmaking duo creates trailers first – before principal photography even begins – in order to sell their movie. This is the formula that spit out the utterly forgettable Skyline (MRQE Metric: 38).

So these brothers worked some sort of used car magic to get their last picture financed, and according to, Strause Inc. is at it again, all this despite the meager box office success of Skyline.

They are filming a trailer for an admittedly interesting concept, War of the Ages, a time-warping 3D epic which will put some of history’s greatest generals (heavy hitters like Napoleon and Julius Caesar) against one another.

Concept aside, whatever happened to writing an engaging script, you know with three solid acts and a gripping climax, before looking to get a project financed? Careful guys, your Hollywood work ethic is showing.

Even more mind-boggling is the willingness of a producer to fork over a hefty budget without ever even knowing what actually happens in the film. It just goes to show YOU, the buying audience, that studios don’t care what they’re showing you so long as they can get you in the theaters with a good two-minute trailer.

Can anyone say Sucker Punch? Yes, it’s a double entendre.

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