April 10, 2011

WTF of the Week: Reboot-A-Palooza

Courtesy: Warner Bros.
Will Batman be "reinvented," again?
Last week’s column was a fictional wink-and-nod to a silly holiday and a silly trend happening in Hollywood. That trend: Reboots and Remakes.

Maybe some readers actually fell for it, but no one would blame them because remakes, retreads, reboots and unnecessary sequels are the only projects that seem to be getting greenlit at the studios these days.

Over the last several weeks there’s been a plethora of rumors about remakes and here are four that should really squash the spirit of any true lover of film: The Terry Gilliam fantasy about growing up and time travel, Time Bandits, along with The Crow and Suspiria are all up for rebooting, according to ScreenRant.com. Each of these films has garnered a devoted following, if not a cult status, among filmgoers and the idea of rebooting them is sad – especially in the case of Time Bandits where it appears that a children’s film franchise is in the works. So, instead of a subtle fable about growing up through time and through experience, both literally and figuratively, as wonderfully accomplished by Gilliam in the original, you’ll have some inane computer-generated effects and a few fart jokes.

But the saddest reboot announcement concerns a film that hasn’t even been made yet. There’s word that after Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises is finished, the Batman franchise will have to be "reinvented" (another of those dirty Hollywood R-words). It’s not like there isn’t over 70 years worth of Batman stories to choose from, right?

Why not make the Batman films like the 007 franchise? Every couple of years a new actor can assume the role of Bruce Wayne, and the stories will just go on, never getting remade, like James Bond never was--oh, wait . . . damn it!

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