MRQE's 2011 Summer Movie Guide: Movies Matt is Anticipating

MRQE blogger, Matt Lissauer discusses the three movies he's anticipating the most this summer.

Ever since I was a kid, I always looked forward to the summer. School was out, the days were long, and heading to the local, air-conditioned theater was always on the weekend agenda. I miss those days, and I sure miss experiencing some of those movies for the first time. Even as we talk about trends that are killing Hollywood (sequels, prequels, and gritty reboots), the summer still draws us in with our mouths watering for some action, CGI, explosions, and gross-out comedy (at least for guys, anyway). Here's what I'm looking forward to this summer…

The Hangover Part II

The first Hangover came on strong, like the after-effects of an all-night binge. This wasn't just another movie that tried to emulate what Judd Apatow did best. The jokes were fresh, the characters--while wild caricatures--were still relatable to some degree, and the plot was engaging. Plus, who could not laugh at the Mike Tyson cameo? Like everyone else, I totally want to see more from these characters. I have some misgivings based on the trailer, which makes the movie seem like it's recycled from Part I. Nevertheless, as I get ready for my own bachelor party, I certainly can't wait to head to Bankok with "best men" Stu, Alan, and Phil.

Super 8

The producing power of Steven Spielberg married with the stark direction from J.J. Abrams makes Super 8 hot on my list. Abrams is vastly becoming this generation's master of suspense (forgiving him for the last season of LOST and the third act of Cloverfield), and the suspense is tingling from the trailers, which give very little away. And, while Abrams sits in the director's chair, the film just feels like classic Spielberg. Certainly one of the more original films coming around this summer.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I'm treading nervously here. A Planet of the Apes re-tread was already attempted in 2001, but to say that ended badly is to put those words as lightly as possible; and in the most literal sense, as that remake did literally end badly. Ten years later we find ourselves on the precipice of another attempt at remaking Apes. It's set up as a "prequel," but it's really a reboot of the saga, and the studio is banking on it being successful enough to launch a new series. The fans of the original saga--such as myself--know how it all began, so to see a new take on the origin will be interesting. And, let me be clear, at least, it's not a continuation of the messy 2001 remake. I will certainly be sitting in the theater, hopefully being pleasantly surprised.

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